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Renting a room in Groningen

If you want to rent a room in Groningen, you’re at the right place at DC Wonen! At DC Wonen you’ll find the most suitable room in the city of Groningen. Because of our wide variety of rooms that we offer in Groningen, there are all kinds of rooms available in different price ranges, with different surfaces, but also in different neighborhoods. If you would like us to help you with your search for a suitable room in Groningen, please register yourself on our website! Through this way we’ll keep you up-to-date regarding the newest offer of rooms that will be available!

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Renting a room in Groningen: it’s not the easiest job

Renting a room in Groningen can be a difficult task for you. Especially when you’re new in town the offer of rooms can be a maze regarding prices, surfaces and the different neighborhoods of Groningen. We are happy to help you find the right way for renting a suitable living space for yourself or for your child.

Renting a room for a student

Every year there’s a new group of students that are coming to Groningen to enjoy the versatility of Groningen (and of course to study). We want to help all of these students with the search for a suitable living place. And of course for a reasonable price. Our employees at DC Wonen are happy to help you by finding a student room. This can be a room in a cozy and social student house, but it can also be a room that’s a little bit more independent. The rooms that we offer are located in all kinds of different neighborhood of Groningen, such as: the Zeeheldenbuurt, the Schilderwijk, the Korrewegwijk, but also within the canals of downtown Groningen.

DC Wonen: thé real estate agent of Groningen

DC Wonen is thé real estate agent of the city of Groningen (and surroundings). We are a young company that is happy to help you to find a suitable room, so that you can enjoy your time as a student in Groningen at your best. In addition to renting rooms, we also specialize in real estate investments and in managing properties (if you would like to this out).